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The period that follows your breast implant surgery is a sensitive time wherein there are certain guidelines you will need to follow. Strictly following these guidelines would help ensure that you will not experience any harm associated with your recent breast augmentation procedure. This would also help make sure that you will be seeing the most effective effects of your operation. 


Take note that regardless of the success of your operation, you will not be able to see the kind of results you expected simply because you failed to comply with guidelines applying to the post-surgery period. Of course, it is your surgeon's job to perform exceptionally during the procedure. And then, you also need to keep in mind that the post surgery period is a time that you would also need to handle as effectively.


Following a breast augmentation procedure, there are critical aspects your surgeon will take care of. One of them is to brief you of the post-surgery steps that you will need to handle competently. A good surgeon would make sure that you understand each of these post-surgery steps and that you are able to take them to heart.


Right after the procedure, expect your surgeon to cover the affected area with gauze. In some cases you would be required to wear a surgical undergarment. But the job of your surgeon does not stop here. Depending on how critical your situation is after the surgery, expect your surgeon to monitor you closely. And this monitoring would not stop within the walls of the recovery room of the medical facility.


While you might already be allowed to go home after a chau plastic surgery, your surgeon would be asking you to strictly comply with your follow-up visit schedule. These visits will help your surgeon regularly asses the progress of your healing. Through these visits, surgeons are able to assess the condition of the stitches. These visits will allow them to check if surgical incisions have sealed up as expected. 


On the other hand, you also play a big role during the post-surgery period. Take good note of the instructions that your surgeon will give you and observe them to the letter. You can expect your surgeon to advice against taking a shower for three days after the procedure. After which, you will be able to take a bath but you must take note that you cannot immerse the affected area in water for the next four weeks. There are other guidelines you will need to follow, and it is very important that you listen really well to your surgeon.